Victory Today - Come Into The House
Sometimes you go through what you need to go through because there's a learning stage, but sometimes you just have to come back home. join Pastor tony as he teaches the good gospel.
Victory Today - God Don't Tell You Everythi
Sometimes you may ask God a lot of questions and he doesn't have to have an answer. Join Pastor Tony as he teaches us about God don't tell you everything.
Victory Today - Now Is Over, Next Is Here
Often times we worry about the now of our life well it is over because your next is here. Join Pastor Tony Smith as he ministers this awesome message.
Victory Today - Possibility vs. Reality
Sometimes what we want is not always what we get. join Pastor Tony Smith as he explains the true understanding of this message.
Victory Today - Reflex Worship
Have we lost our true passion and desire to worship God? Are we just acting out of reflex and not considering God in our act of worship. Join Pastor Tony as he explains.
Victory Today - When Worship Fills The Room
When you are down and need to talk to God he is always there. Join Pastor Tony Smith as he talks about when worship fills the room.